Zoom B9.1bt

Ultra-fast 32-bit DSP ZFX-3 processor on-board
96kHz sampling rate / 24-bit A/D/D/A converters for accurate bass models
USB interface for connecting directly to a computer
3D Z-Pedal allows for multi-dimensional parameter control
World’s fastest patch change speed: 7 ms
One 12AU7 tube for natural overdrive/compression and drive/volume
112 effects specially tuned for bass
80 preset artist patches + 80 user patches
Built-in Zoom Noise Reduction
Versatile bass synthesizer on-board with filtering and waveform control
Stereo XLR output for stage or studio
Built-in MIDI interface
External send/return loop on-board
Sturdy metal chassis for roadworthy durability
Signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB and noise floor of -100 dB

รีวิว ล่าสุด ขอแนะนำ “ZOOM B9.1ut” multi-effects-bass
ทดสอบได้ที่ร้าน Music Collection www.music.co.th
ราคาปกติ 26,000 บาท
โปรโมชั่น (Clearance Sale) เหลือ 9,900 บาท เท่านั้น

สเปค http://test.zoom.co.jp/products/b91ut/features/